323.107 Intro to Typography

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Intro to Typography

What tools do graphic designers have to work with? They have images and they have typography. To be a great graphic designer you have to know how to use type to your fullest advantage. You have to know the rules and know when to break the rules. In this class I will teach you the rules of typography and then you will be able to experiment with no and innovative ways of using type.
As always my classes are set up like traditional
design studios.



Links to typography websites
Project 1 - Researching Historic Typefaces
1. Garamond
2. Project 1 - Type Specimen
Project 2 - Magazine Cover
1. Assignment Spec Sheets
Project 3 - Alphabet Project

Project 4 - Aesop's Fables
1. Project Specs

Final Test:
1. Study bank questions

*Websites and Resources*

I love Typography
- This is an excellent blog that goes over everything from choosing a typeface to typeface terminology.

Do's and Dont's of Typography
- A nice pdf document that may expand on the Do's and Dont's that I talk about in my classroom.

More rules on Typography - From fontshop.com and the great Erik Spiekermann
- 7 rules about typography by Erik Spiekermann, whom loves to hate Helvetica.

American Specimen Book of Type Styles
- This houses an excellent book of typefaces, from an era when
all typeface designs where good.

Places to Look for fonts:
www.dafont.com - The most comprehensive free font website. (Watch out with these sites there are some bad fonts).

What is this font?:
This website will figure out what the typeface is on a website or printed page.

*Typography Games*

Pentagram, What type are you?
You will talk to your therapist and figure out what typeface you are.

Kerning game
Learn how to kern your letters and get graded on them.

Shaping game
Learn the shapes of letters and get a grade on them.


I love typography videos
There are some pretty funny and also education videos on this link.

The Alphabet

A very nice animation that morphs through typefaces.

American Psycho: Business Card Scene
Business men try to one up each other with their business cards.

Steve Jobs Commencement Speech
He talks about dropping in on a caligraphy class, and how he learned all about typography. That is why apple computers have such great typography built in.